News Updates


May: African Covenant (ACO) was part of the May 2019 national and provincial election. It finished number 31 out of 48 political parties with just over 7000 votes at a national level and over 8000 at the provincial level. A big THANK YOU to all the Citizens who voted for ACO nationally and abroad. We are moving forward for the benefit of the Citizens. The revised COVENANT is attached to the HOME platform of this website, providing you with a detailed broad practical solution stances which ACO will implement when it governs.

June: The strategy towards 2021 and 2024 was finalized by the end of May 2019. The roll-out is underway. The focus for the month of June and July was Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

July: Gatherings linked to the strategy took place in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Coordinators are hard at work in line with the resolutions taken at the respective gatherings.  Progress reports will be considered during the August gatherings.

August: The Media, Marketing and Fundraising Team is gathering in Montana on 16 August 2019.  There is an ACO gathering in Bronkhorstspruit of citizens/ stewards from Nkangala, EMalahleni, Middleburg, Bronkhorstspruit and the surrounding villages, which will take place on the 18th of August in the afternoon. The policy development team is gathering in Tshwane on the 22nd of August. The ACO Gauteng Provincial gathering will take place in the Pretoria City Centre on the 25th of August 2019 at 14:00.

General: Nothing is new and/or surprising in the current government and its political development. Corruption and its siblings, such as crime and greed, inspired by selfishness, lies and hatred for the citizens, are continuing to abound. There are no news from all media platforms. The 'olds' are regurgitated and panel-beaten as an attempt to find the news, and all efforts are pointing to the same social plights which tormented the nation since 1997. Government is administering the State through expensive commissions and seemingly 'pre-arranged' court processes. There is no meaningful consequence for stealing from the taxpayers' pockets. Crime pays in the current administration. Several foreign governments and their citizens are benefitting more than the citizens of SA. Unemployment and hopelessness are sharply increasing. Lawlessness is becoming a norm. Police are bitten by the illegal members of the community and nothing is done about it. The best news is that AFRICAN COVENANT has been established, and very soon, the Citizens will have fresh air.