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Where there is fire, smoke has abounded. South Africa has been befallen by a chronic funkuzani (a Tsonga name for an incurable virus by human standards). Things that are on the surface and media platforms of South Africa are as a result of a countless number of factors, most of which are perfectly known to South Africans, and yet, very little or nothing is being done by the elected authority, to quell them. Among others of the factors are the following five for your illumination and inspiration to become part of the solution:

1. FEAR. Some great and good young and matured South Africans are entirely AFRAID of becoming fearless and put their resources and action where it matters the most and save the country from theft, destruction and death. Some of those who have tried to support new courses, have had their business deals cancelled and the jobs or employments of some were ended, purely because their tries were perceived as anti-government in support of emerging vibrant and reliable solution bearers. As a result, the much needed energy and time are mostly channelled and wasted on powerless public marches and demonstrations.

2. SUBSERVIENCE. Some South Africans are internally damaged and are struggling to believe that they can truly become who they are supposed to be WITHOUT being tokenised by colonizers. They will proudly and cunningly enter into agreements with thieves to the demise of the nature and resources of SA. They will do anything in their desperate thirst to destroy SA. They will become fronts for thieves in modern ways. They will become perfect puppets. They will appear everywhere saying the right face-value statements to the public, whilst they know very well that they are protecting a funding master, who hides behind them, and continue to dig gold and minerals out of South Africa at the speed of light. 

3. SMARTNESS AND CUNNINGNESS OF THE THIEF. All countries, all thieves and all abusers of South Africa, who want to control SA have adopted a common strategy: they are using some of our very brilliant and smart South Africans to destroy South Africa and South Africans. Some of the media houses and political terrains are cunningly captured to this effect.

4. Qualified WORKERS who just want jobs and salaries. This is a serious challenge. The thief of SA knows that bread on the table and cotton on the body are more important in the lives of most South Africans than the wheat itself and cotton farm. As a result, the thief of the country pumps money into the hands of his or her foot-soldiers in order to make sure that some are given menial jobs and others are paid without work through grants, just to keep them in the fold. In the process, most people would be busy, and that is important to the thief because it fertilizes the exponential need for jobs by many. Some South Africans just need a job. It does not matter what the job is about and who the provider for it is, as long as it is a job and there is a salary. This is a problem. As a result, some of these kinds of citizens have to be maintained, otherwise they would be bored, So what happens is that the job provider will ensure that there is easy access to the Internet; populate the open sources with the supply of things which will keep the majority drunk with illicit sex, excessive alcohol & sound-intensive entertainment, drug infections and hatred for one another, nudity of unmatched proportions is hailed as self-respect and freedom. In the end, the nation is focuses on things which are sheer traps of the enemy, instead of eradicating the enemy's deadly occupation hubs in the country. 

5. COMMERCIALIZED POLITICS. At a political level, the thief of SA is using loads of cash to weaken patriotism and pervert justice. Tell me of any politician who is in government at this stage and those who are permanently on television, who is NOT bribed and conflicted. I will call and pray for them. Like, some of the religions, politics in SA is highly COMMERCIALIZED.

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