South Africa shall soon be a Godly nation under an African Covenant (ACO) led government. And when this happens: Unity, Respect & Order will be the premises for government policy. national Prosperity will manifest. Truth, Love & Selflessness will be our national Values.  


News Updates

1.1 #stayathome

COVID-19 is real. Listen to the advice of medical experts. Obey the law of the Country. Take care of yourself. Manage your behaviour. Remember those who are positive prayerfully. Assist the nation to flatten the curve. Pray to the Lord to save us from any evil opportunistic agencies who may opt to use this trying time to introduce and advance inhumane schemes and projects in the Country. All sons and daughters of the Lord are urged to be still and know that God Almighty is God. Let us all invoke God's protection and healing power over the Citizens. His word heals. We must all desist from issuing hope-abusing prophetic messages, which are NOT from God. Faith is pure and Godly. It comes by hearing of God's pure word. Issued by ACO Presidency (22 March 2020)

1.2 ACO-Letter-April 2020.pdf